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Responsive website design

2013 was marked by the very important event – for the first time in history number of website visits from various mobile devices and gadgets exceeded those from laptops and traditional computers. Every year the volume of Internet traffic via mobile devices grows by a third, so the gap is increasing. It became possible thanks to introduction of responsive website design allowing owners of tablets and smartphones to browse favorite pages without difficulties.

Oriented on main trends in modern website development, Pixel Agency always launches new directions and actively introduces advanced technologies including responsive design that provides comfortable work with Internet resources using any type of device. We have enough capabilities for successful implementation of most complicated projects and for effective resolution of assigned objectives.

Main advantages of responsive design

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1. The site is one for all

Is it reasonable to develop website separately for traditional devices (computers, laptops, etc.) and for mobile devices if one resource can successfully serve all visitors? Especially taking into account that development of mobile version of the website is quite laborious and it is very difficult to determine what resolution of tablet or smartphone is the best while responsive design solves easily these problems.

2. Increase of visitors loyalty
Most of users prefer comfortable for view resources that can be visited from any device. Such care about users provided by the qualitatively developed responsive website ensures high conversions and gives an advantage in competitive struggle.

3. Simplicity of management and promotion

If you choose responsive design for your website you won’t waste too much resources and time for promotion of two separate versions of the same resource. Unified management system for the whole website makes the service easier.

A lot of resources lose many visitors just because of lack of attention to their needs. Many problems arise if a user enters to a badly adapted website from a mobile gadget – some buttons become unavailable or not clickable, some elements of interface can overlap and cover each other and giant images sometimes occupy three-quarters of a screen making impossible to see anything. Besides too “heavy” in terms of mobile traffic elements can provoke excessively long loading of website – up to three or four minutes. Few people want to put up with such complexity and disadvantages leading to traffic, clients and orders losses as well as resource indicators decrease.

That’s why responsive websites are actively developed now allowing mobile users to meet all needs. This trend is supported by most of search engines. In spring 2015 Google launched new algorithm that increased positions of responsive websites in struggle for visitors.

All these factors can be decisive for a visitor and will encourage him to choose your company's website to conclude a contract or to make a purchase.


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