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Website with footware directory for Atiker

The objective was to develop a website that provides information about Turkish manufactured Atiker footware assortment for wholesales in Ukraine

Main page

Home page Atikershoes

From the main page you can choose any collection, read news, history and novelties of the company. Footwear's multigrade is displayed by background changing.

Directory products list

Catalog page Atiker

Footwear can be chosen by season, size, color and type in the directory.

Product page design. On this page you can choose and other collection models

Website design for Atikershoes - image 1

Map of shops in Ukraine. Here you can choose nearest Atiker footwear shop in your region

Website design for Atikershoes - image 2

Design of the page, from which you can send a request for directory ordering

Website design for Atikershoes - image 3

Turkish and Ukrainian offices contact information.

Website design for Atikershoes - image 4

Website appearence on iPad

Website design for Atikershoes - image 5

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