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Development of DiyMonkeys website - guide for automobilists

Task: Develop the website where car enthusiasts can search for reason of crash of their auto and get advice by their elimination. Otherwise, users can give advices by their own.

Designing and sending design mock-up for consideration.

Дизайн-макет сайта DiyMonkeys

Customer asked to rework structure of the header. Making changes and sending new design for approval.

Утвержденный дизайн-макет сайта

Design is approved. Starting work on mock-ups for internal pages.

Web page with form of request about breakdown reason.

Форма подачи вопроса

Design of questions listing page:

Список вопросов

Selecting proper question, user swithes on next page where car data, question and experts answers are mentioned.

Страница вопроса

Personal cabinet page where users activity, information and other inportant data are displayed.

Активность пользователя

Design of the personal cabinet with form of editing of personal data.

Дизайн страницы личного кабинета

Design of internal pages is approved.

Further we did work by adaptive codingm CMS installation and other works by writing of programming code.

Website appearance on iPad.

Website design for DiyMonkeys - image 1

Website DiyMonkeys is working excellent on various mobile devices. Website appearance on iPhone.

Website design for DiyMonkeys - image 2

Customer's feedback

Eldar Makhmudov

Customer Assessment - image

Great to work with, will go beyond the task that you needed done


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