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E-store development for Husqvarna dealers

The objective:
- It is necessary to bring all E-stores of Husqvarna products dealers to a single directory form and content.
- To develop main website with centralized content and structure. Every dealer store should update information from the unified main base in automatic mode.
- To give every dealer possibility to log and fill contact, delivery conditions and dealer company information pages

Creation of interactive Ukraine map for the main website on which visitor can choose a region and proceed to nearest dealers E-store

Website design for Husqvarna - image 1

Main page design

Website design for Husqvarna - image 2

Directory sections are maximally visualized for fast search of information

Website design for Husqvarna - image 3

Products page provides maximum amount of information and gives online purchase opportunity

Website design for Husqvarna - image 4

All of these pages are common for each E-store. Only dealer logo, contacts and working hours can be changed.

Page including E-store personal contact information

Website design for Husqvarna - image 5

"About us" page

Website design for Husqvarna - image 6

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