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Individual website design

One of the main modern trends is active extension of Internet shopping allowing businessman to get a profit with minimum expenses. Unlike to real, virtual counters don't require expensive trade areas, cashiers, security guards and a lot of consultants and administrators.

However, contention in this area is constantly growing so a private businessman or a company has a problem — how to distinguish your business from hundreds and sometimes thousands similar. It is easier and more effective to attract attention of potential visitors by stylish and unique design of your resource.

The most common variations of design

1. Template design
Online-constructors propose various variants of prepared layouts for website development. Because of the minimal cost they are often selected by beginners who make first steps for the e-store creation. Template layouts have a lot of lacks — inadequate usability, complicated or impossible customization by own needs and if subsequently you will have to transfer the website to another domain, the layout will have to be bought and it will lead to additional expanses.

2. Individual design
Individual design is created by a professional team combining convenience and attractiveness basing on specific wishes of every client. The cost of individual design development is approachable for large and medium business oriented on stable growth and maximum profitability.

It should be remembered that all business activity is kept on respectability determined by first visitor impression. In the real life the majority of customers will give a preference to a big modern shop with luxury showcases than to an untidy tray on the market. In Internet their behavior will be same.

Visitors of your e-store will certainly compare it with competitors and design made by professionals will perform necessary impression providing you a solid advantage. Simple navigation letting user to easily "slide" by resource pages and quickly select and make orders is very important too. Sets of recognizable elements corresponding to your company's corporate identity or that can be basis for its creation are developed during individual design.

Is it necessary to pay for design development

Everyone knows that it is impossible to buy a cheap high quality product. Free design templates proposed by websites constructors are not optimal solutions. They are far away from the aesthetic perfection and won't be corresponding to requirements of unique customers' audience for which the product is designed. Universal templates are created once and for all so they are not improvable and are bad adapted for mobile devices. Your website will look unattractive and will repel visitors because of mediocre design. And it won't be conducive for your business growth.

Are you afraid of high prices? Pixel agency carries a balanced pricing policy and offers services of high qualified professionals with a quite approachable quotation for medium and even small business. Individual website design-project developed by our specialists is a profitable investment providing progress and excellent results in online sales sphere to your company.

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