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The objective was to create 18 format banners for media ads in Google

Banners have horizontal format with 980х120, 970х250, 970х90, 930х180, 728х90 and 468х60 resolution

Ogercompany 980х120

Ogercompany 970х250

Ogercompany 970х90

Ogercompany 930х180

Ogercompany 728х90

Ogercompany 468х60

336х280, 250х250, 200х200 resolution banners

Ogercompany 336х280 Ogercompany 250х250 Баннер Ogercompany 200х200

Banners have vertical format with 300х1050, 300х600, 160х600, 120х600 resolution

Ogercompany 300х1050 Ogercompany 300х600 Ogercompany 160х600 Ogercompany 120х600

580х400 and 250х360 resolution banners

Ogercompany 580х400 Ogercompany 250х360

320х100 and 320х50 resolution formats respectively

Ogercompany 320х100

Ogercompany 320х50

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