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Navigation design

Well thought-out navigation is one of the main web design tools. Users into customers' conversion effectiveness and consequently, commercial success of the whole project depend on quality of the website navigation.

What is the secret of a good navigation? First of all, user should easily orientate and understand where he is now, how did he get here and where he can go. The page he passed to must be corresponding to his expectations. Once the user doesn't know where he is or entangle in a complicated navigation, he goes away from the resource and never comes back. And vice versa — the most popular are websites with simple and easily understandable navigation letting user to find the necessary page using not above than two -three clicks.

Modern solutions like menu in the form of through blocks, rolling out (dropping) lists or graphic elements are used to create simple and comfortable navigation. The most appropriate variant is chosen considering design and purpose of the website. For example, interface with a lot of graphic elements is perfect for websites designed for children audience.

But it isn't recommended to use only creative design because it can impair usability. During navigation design the most common errors are:

  • Suddenly popup windows that are not expected by the user;
  • Combining hyperlinks with icons or pictures;
  • Hard for understanding navigation by certain sections of the website and crossover categories;
  • Complicated menu including paragraphs with ambiguous interpretation making user to waste a lot of time on searching of the necessary page instead of rapid jump to it.

The most common mistakes when designing navigation - image

An extensive experience of productive work and hundreds of successfully completed projects prevent our specialists from corresponding errors. We don't seek to use universal solutions but always design navigation and develop website structure individually with the full correspondence with assigned objectives. In the result of produced work, visitors will be able to move easily from page to page and make target actions in comfortable environment. Well thought-out navigation is especially important for big e-stores and massive Web-portals.

Choose our agency if you want to be completely confident in high professionalism and work quality — thanks to individual approach for every project, any detail won't slip away from our attention.

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