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Promo website development

Launching of the original promo website is the optimal solution for new varieties of products/services promotion and informing about start of an interesting new project.

It is designed to form unforgettable impressions and attract attention to service (product) you want promote, so this resource usually hasn’t a lot of pages and is filled mostly by an interactive content – description of various promotions, unique offers and last novelties. Also links on tests and product evaluation carried by experts from industry publications or media, consumer’s reviews and more are added.

The concept of a good promo website is based on original design decisions including logos, elements of company or corporate identity and other techniques that contribute the advertised brand awareness. Such Internet resource is cheaper than comparable solutions from the traditional marketing due to lesser capacity.
Popular social networks buttons and modules for raffles, competitions or quizzes conducting are included in the promo website to cover maximum target audience and inform a lot of potential customers about unique offers. This resource also can be used by specialists for market research – study of consumer demand, comments and suggestions from users.

Animation and other technologies used while web pages development attract visitor's attention and promote their active interaction with content elements. Social networks and viral advertisement are the most effective way of promo websites advancement.

Promo websites have important advantages comparing to traditional marketing tools:

  • Unique design attracting attention and unavailable in offline;
  • Ability to obtain clear and reliable information about success and effectiveness of conducted promotion or campaign;
  • Efficient highlighting of promoted services/products from other similar products available on the market;
  • Well-designed functionality allows to make the target action without troubles;
  • Using of all viral marketing advantages including the "word of mouth".

The main advantages of promo sites - image

Pixel agency has a big experience in implementation and promotion of various commercial projects, development of effective promo websites providing high level of conversion. We use researches results carried among the audience for which promoted product is designed to achieve high level of payback and efficiency during design projecting and development. You provide success to your advertising campaigns and increase loyalty to promoted brand by ordering development of the promo website to us.


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