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Online business card development

“Turnkey” online business card development will be an ideal choice for companies that just recently have started their activity in Internet marketing area and willing to find an affordable and at the same time effective and efficient solution.

Online business card is compact in capacity resource consisting of several pages with important information about company or private business or unique commercial proposal oriented on wide range of potential customers. Website development in that format allows private lawyers, construction crews, teachers or freelancers to advertise their operations with minimal expenses especially in big cities with saturated market of private services. Also online business card is often developed to highlight company’s promising direction of business, evaluate its capabilities and attract new clients.

Effective and approachable online business card is perfect for those who are:

Categories of persons who cannot do without a business card site - image 1

A creative person wanting to place his portfolio in Internet;

Categories of persons who cannot do without a business card site - image 2

Small store owner expecting to increase his sales without significant advertising expenses;

Categories of persons who cannot do without a business card site - image 3 Startup creator searching for potential partners and investors;
Categories of persons who cannot do without a business card site - image4

Specialist who want to develop his own personal page containing information about his professional business or interests.

The cost of online business card development is quite small, as well as terms of such work are usually not exceeding 7… 10 days.

As a result very effective and qualitatively developed resource is launched having unique design optimally adapted for solving of assigned objectives.

What online business card can do

Online business card development is a good marketing way allowing you to solve successfully such objectives as:

  • Search of new clients, investors or partners;
  • Spreading of data about the company, its resources, important achievements and contact information that will allow to expand range of clients;
  • Carrying out effective advertising campaigns and promotions with minimum budget;
  • Acquaintance of potential clients with portfolio and executed projects.

An important online business card feature is its orientation on effective presentation of one or several types of services (products) that allows client to attract a lot of visitors and to convert them easily into buyers (customers).
One should know that it isn’t enough only to develop his own website to reach wishful results. With our help client fills it with well optimized and unique content, start SEO and contextual advertisement. This will lead resource to provide first new visitors to become customers a few days after start.

Comparing with alternative solutions online business card attracts by affordable cost and short terms. At the same time it helps you to realize conceived functional by one of many different ways on your choice.

Developer should carry out considerable volume of work requiring professionalism and creativity in approaches in order to develop effective and successful Internet resource. That’s why Pixel Agency have created a good team of professionals who know how to develop the most brilliant, lively and workable Internet projects. If you want to get an original and inexpensive online business card – then order development to Pixel Agency and result will exceed all your expectations.


  1. Corporate website
  2. E-store
  3. Online business card
  4. Promo website
  5. Informational portal
Turning to us, you get
  1. Analysis of the market, competitors, and needs of the target audience
  2. Personal manager for project support
  3. Detailed structure with selling elements, professional design
  4. A marketing team to further promote your website online
Customer Activity Analytics
Сбор информации у клиента. Определение сферы деятельности или товар заказчика. Установление и анализ целевой аудитории и основных конкурентов. Аудит ниши для определения оптимального функционала. Составление технического задания, по которому будут проходить работы по проекту.
Discussion of site design and content
Depending on the type of web site, the goals of its production, personal wishes and the content provided by the customer, as well as the decisions of specialists, an individual design and layout of the site is designed. If necessary, it is quickly adjusted and modified!
Реализация проекта включает 3 этапа: дизайн (цветовая гамма, логотип, отрисовка макета), верстка (перенесение макета в html) и программирование модулей. Оптимизация сайт для дальнейшего продвижения. После выполнения основных работ проводится проверка сайта на ошибки в коде.
Work with resource information content
На этом этапе выполняются работы по наполнению сайта контентом. Размещение графических и текстовых материалов, предоставленных заказчиком. По желанию, клиент может самостоятельно размещать информацию на ресурсе. В рамках отдельной услуги, наши копирайтеры и контент-менеджеры могут помочь наполнить сайт.
Final check and your site is ready
В конце проекта, проверка готового ресурса на наличие ошибок, уровень оптимизации и защиту в целом. Размещение сайта на хостинге клиента. По желанию заказчика, проводится бесплатный аудит по нише для определения дальнейшего продвижения сайта.

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