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Website development for finding rental housing Seek Flatmates

Task: it is necessary to develop the website for selection of apartments for rental.

Working on structure and color solutions for the main page of the website.

Процесс отрисовки дизайна главной страницы

Final variant that was approved by the customer:

Дизайн главной страницы

Menu of not authorized user has another appearance:

Меню до авторизации

Designing all pages of personal cabinet for authorized user.

Страницы личного кабинета

Working on structure of search pages and submission of ads about real estate objects that are renting.

Website design development for Seek Flatmates - image 1

Photogallery appearance (overall viev and view of certain gallery).

Website design development for Seek Flatmates - image 2

Paid memberships and possibility of online payments should be available on the website. Showing these pages in design mock-ups.

Страницы оплаты

Approval of E-mail messages appearance:

Вид почтовых сообщений

Working on all accompanying icons for elements of the website:

Иконки для сайта

Further the website was coded and works by programming part were done.

Work was successfully finished.

Employer's feedback

Jack Chan

Assessment of work

Fantastic jobs! Very good attitude. Will hire him again.


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