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Advertisement targeted through social networks (SMM)

Recently social networks have gained highest people activity, most popular of which in Russian Internet are Facebook, Vkontakte and Odnoklasniki. Social networks allow you to meet and interact, exchange various types of content, share and discuss latest news. Researches show that almost every social network user has not less than hundred friends, is a member of ten or even more favorite communities and groups, all time share different messages. Many users spend a lot of time in social networks every day and among them there are a lot of potential clients for your company who even don't know about its existence.

Every day in different social networks communicate dozens of millions people and it creates wide capabilities while realization of effective marketing solutions. What is the advantage of popular social networks and what motivates players from different business sectors for active reserving of targeted advertisement in them.

Main advantages of advertisement targeted through social networks:

  • Accurate targeting of your advertising texts can be realized using data about favorite communities or groups. Proper organization of marketing campaign will demonstrate your ads to the most interested in it people of necessary range of interests, sex, age, wealth, etc.
  • The cost of each click is lesser here than for contextual advertisement in search engines. You don't need to waste a lot of money in struggle for clients with competitors.
  • The marketing campaign can be carried indirectly by participating in discussions through target groups (communities), when properly given information coming from authoritative users increases loyalty to your brand.

For many years Pixel Agency engages advertising and marketing campaigns in social networks. For their success we developed strategy for products promotion including following steps:

  • Identifying and studying of the target audience for the particular product (service).
  • Audit for conversion increasing of the resource landing page.
  • Identifying the most appropriate social network — it can be Odnoklasniki, Facebook or Vkontakte
  • Searching for optimal thematic groups and communities.
  • Allocation and setting of the contextual advertisement in Odnoklasniki, Facebook and Vkontakte social networks.
  • Advertisements creation and following testing for effectiveness determining.
  • Active introduction of analytics technologies for monitoring the traffic from selected groups, communities and context.
  • Minimizing the pay per click by an auction setting.
  • Monitoring of the marketing campaign and necessary adjustments for performance improving.

Benefits of targeted advertising - image

Our specialists pay a lot of attention for thorough elaboration of landing pages content because without it targeted marketing campaigns carried in social networks won't bring desired results. After successful project completion we provide to the client a detailed report with expenses and gained results. Basing on it you can evaluate benefit of our cooperation and make plans for following advertising projects that will be implemented through social networks.

Pixel Agency embeds a complex approach minimizing expenses on clients attracting and within one marketing strategy solving multiple objectives — from simple sales increasing to active promotion of your brand designed to amplify loyalty among audience. Our invaluable experience and high professional level ensure fast payback of investments and permit effectively applying of targeted advertisement located in social networks — it is a very important tool for successful management of modern business.

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