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Usability audit and website analysis

The main objective of every commercial Web-resource is visitors motivating for making specific target actions — order registration, purchasing, logging or phone calls. Simple intuitive interface and easiness of all actions are very important for effective conversion of users.

All weak and problematic website areas decreasing index of committed target actions can be identified with the help of usability-analysis. For example, work conducted on the e-store improvement provides significant sales increase with minimal expenses. Often lacks arise in navigation system during implementation of the usability testing especially if several years have passed after development. In this case it is expedient to order development of the new perfect navigation system.

The objective of usability-testing performed by Pixel agency specialists is to detect in the work of the website various problems and «bottlenecks» preventing users to make desired actions. After perfectly executed usability-audit, conversion increases on 30... 50 % and respectively, profit grows up.

For operational testing of high content websites it is required to coordinate actions of professionals in the team because one specialist can’t perform such amount of work in short terms.

Comprehensive usability testing consists of following steps:

Main stages of usability testing - image

1. Usability consulting

It comprises a conversation between a project manager and client representatives for determining of main objectives and expected results, matching the cost and terms of work implementation.

2. Target audience studying

It is impossible to achieve assigned objectives without understanding of the audience for which the promoted product is designed. The most effective ways of impacting on web-resource users are determined basing on information provided by the client and also by Web analytics tools.

3. Usability – audit

A team of specialists conducts interfaces testing, plays scenarios leading to targeted actions commitment and fixes places where users can have difficulties.

4. Report

By results of usability-audit we prepare the detailed report including expert assessment of main usability parameters. Report presentation is conducted by the project manager responsible for all issues that interested the client.

5. Website improvement

Recommendations on correction of resource technical problems are proposed based on the report allowing its parameters to reach the required level.

Nine years of successful development and testing of various Internet-resources — from business card websites to massive e-stores provide us excellent understanding of a great usability influence on any commercial project effectiveness. Want to have maximum profit from your website and increase amount of clients? Pixel agency is always ready for a mutually beneficial partnership. We will help you to achieve required results expending minimum time and money for it.

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